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What is Online Training?

What type of online training does Health & Safety Institute (HSI) offer?

HSI has a large catalog of educational curriculum available online and is continually adding courses. Current courses include our nationally recognized emergency care courses, our accredited EMS continuing education courses and our extensive library of workplace safety and compliance training.

How are your online courses different from a traditional classroom course?

The core, or required, knowledge objectives presented in our online courses should be no different than the core knowledge objectives presented by an instructor in a classroom setting. Both the online course and the classroom course are designed to help you acquire the essential knowledge and understanding defined by the course objectives. 

Successful completion of an online course results in a Certificate of Online Training while successful completion of a course in a traditional classroom setting includes a skills practice and evaluation by a qualified instructor and results in a Certification Card.

Is online training a valid way to learn?

Quality online training and education developed by experts has long been recognized as a valid and accepted way to learn. Online training can help you build knowledge and advance your career.